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  1. Hi Paul,
    In response to your tweet asking if it is time for SaaS to take off, is one SaaS vendor that has and is taking off.

    About four years ago, entered the IT service management market with a SaaS enterprise service desk application to compete against HP Service Manager and BMC Remedy.

    Today, we have about 240 enterprise customers, $20+ million in recurring revenue, are cash-flow positive and will soon be profitable.

    The majority of our customers are former HP and BMC users. SaaS has made it possible for us to thrive in a difficult market dominated by the big four management vendors.

    We’d be happy to discuss further or put you in touch with a partner or customer in Australia.

    Best regards,
    Rhett Glauser
    Twitter: @rglauser

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  5. Would love to get weekly newsletters, especially re radio show content. I can’t always listen to Tony Delroy, so often miss hearing you – should get the podcast, shouldn’t I? That’s the only program that I get, apart from when you speak to Carol Duncan on 1233 Newcastle.

    Many thanks

  6. Hello Paul
    So enjoyed your comments today re Facebook. Just wanted to ask about “Tags” – I have been tagged – it dropped into my email inbox. The person is known to me however I do not wish to be a Facebook Friend. How does this happen ? How do I stop this intrusion of my privacy ? The photo tagged was not one I took or loaded on my Facebook site. Thank you for your comments.

  7. Hi Paul thank you for the info on how to remove tags – Just another question on same subject of this person who has tagged me – how many people can see this picture ? where is it saved to ? Does the picture go to this person’s site? Is it visible on my Facebook site by my friends? It dropped into my email inbox with a not so pleasant caption. If I block this persons email address will that be the end of the picture being visible? Thank you so much for your time, Leesha

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