Nov 052010

“They’re Talking About You” is a four hour workshop designed for business owners and managers responsible for protecting and enhancing their organisation’s reputation in an often hostile online world.

In association with Reputation Australia we’ll be holding a morning workshop in North Sydney on Friday, November 26. Contact us for pricing and venue details.

During the workshop participants will learn how to monitor what is being said about their products, deal with criticism and make use the new media channels as effective branding tools.
At the end of the workshop, participants will have an understanding of the benefits and limitations of the major online communications mediums.

Participants cover;

• the major online media channels
• identifying which platforms are appropriate
• monitoring the chatter
• dealing with problems
• disarming the critics
• effective use of online marketing methods
• using online media as a recruitment tool
• being a credible online authority.

Who should attend?
They’re Talking About You is suitable for communications professionals, managers or business proprietors wanting to maximize the use of online media and avoid unnecessary mistakes in the virtual marketplace.

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