Nov 052012

Last week I was lucky to get along to Digital Australia and Emergent Asia panel held at PwC’s Sydney office where the panel looked at how Australia’s industries are adapting to the digital economy and evolving Australian markets.

The outlook from the panel was generally downbeat about the ability of Australia’s business leaders and politicians to adapt to the changes in the global economy although there were some optimistic points about the resilience and flexibility of the nation.

I did a write up for it on Technology Spectator which is online at It’s Not Good Enough To Be Clever

The challenge is on for Australia’s business leaders – let’s see if they are up to it.

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  1. Australia isn’t perceived as an innovative country (research was done by GE couple of months ago – even though Australia has come out with couple of innovations. Plus as written under another post, Australia is a late adopter of latest tech compared to some to most western and developed, emerging countries

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