Technology for the non-technology executive

management and executive training, workshops and keynotes for technology

Cloud computing, social media, Big Data, crowdsourcing and other technologies are changing the way our customers shop, staff work and entire industries operate.

It’s essential that business leaders have a basic understanding of what these technologies are and how effective managers can use them in their organisation.

The “Technology for the Non-Technology Executive” keynote or workshop looks at the the digital tools being used by employees, customers and communities along with an insight on how business leaders can use them to improve productivity, sales and communications.

Emphasis is on explaining these technologies for executives without a technology background who want to understand how the digital economy is changing their business. Some of the areas covered are Big Data, Cloud Computing, Social Media and the mobile internet.

Each presentation is tailored to the host organisation’s needs so we can examine the relevant challenges and opportunities for leaders and organisations in the new economy.

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