Tools for the new economy


We’re in a time of great change as technological, demographic and economic forces are reshaping our economies, societies and the way we do business.

Tools for the New Economy examines the technology and thinking that’s required to grow your organisation and identify opportunity in these interesting times.

This workshop is customised for your audience and the industry they operate in. We look at cloud computing, collaborative working and social media with real examples of how organisations are using these tools.

During the workshop participants will learn how the online economy is changing their industry and how their organisations can use online tools to benefit from the changes.

Participants cover;

  • Opportunities in the new economy
  • The new economic forces
  • Collaboration tools
  • Cloud computing explained
  • Competing with free
  • Understanding social media
  • Being part of online communities
  • Fast response strategies
  • Identifying new opportunities
  • Dealing with threats
  • Fostering an online culture

Who should attend?
Tools For The New Economy is designed for managers, supervisors and business owners seeking to identify where opportunities lie in the new economy and the tools available to them.

Workshop duration
This workshop can be run as a group or individual training session. For individuals, we recommend the program be structured as three 90 minute sessions. Group courses can be run up to two days. This workshop will be custom designed to your organisation’s needs.

More details
Contact us for more details on this workshop and how we can help your business, organisation or community group identify and deal with challenges of our exciting era.

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