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Today’s staff consider the Internet to be a basic right and expect to use social media tools like Facebook and Twitter while they work.

Managing Connected Workers examines the motives for these workers and shows how managers and business owners can harness the power of these workers’ networks while minimizing risks to the organisation.

This workshop is designed for all managers concerned about staff use of social media tools inside and outside the workplace.

During the workshop participants will gain an understanding of why employees are using social media, ways of controlling it in the workplace as well as the risks and opportunities the Internet presents to the modern workplace.

Participants cover;

•    Why your staff are online
•    What is social media
•    The risks to a business
•    How a business can harness social networks
•    Your staff as your brand
•    Social media as a recruitment tool
•    Engaging with online stakeholders
•    Blocking technologies
•    Monitoring strategies
•    Developing a social media policy
•    Communicating with staff
•    HR and legal issues

Who should attend?
Managing Connected Workers is designed for managers and business owners concerned about the business effects of their staff’s Internet usage.

Workshop duration
We recommend this workshop be held as a four hour program at a minimum. The length can be up to two full days. We can tailor the workshop to your organisation’s needs and budget.

More details

Contact us for more details on this workshop and how we can help your business, organisation or community group identify and deal with challenges of our exciting era.

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