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speaking about cloud computing, social media, the web and online business change

For the last fifteen years, Paul has helped businesses and governments effectively use the new media and technology tools that are changing the way we work and live.

Paul set up PC Rescue in the early 1990s to help small businesses and homes deal with technology problems, this gave him a front row seat in the era of massive change as the personal computer and then the internet transformed the business world.

The experience of building PC Rescue into a national support organisation taught Paul many lessons about business, employment and managing a high growth enterprise. Paul’s been involved in three startup ventures since stepping away from the computer support world.

During the approach of Y2K, Paul started appearing in the media as an attempt to dispel some of the more panicked commentary. This lead to regular writing and broadcasting roles on how technology is changing the business world.

Paul has written seven books and on this website and at Networked Globe looks at how businesses and communities are changing in the connected 21st Century.

Business Consulting

The challenge for businesses is understanding and using the tools of the new economy. Paul has been involved with assisting organisations in applying technologies like the internet of everything, social media, cloud computing and 3D printing to their operations.

Paul also works with companies like Reputation Australia, Digivizer and other communications companies in developing media strategies using traditional, online and social channels.

In business Paul has been involved in building a number of ventures, including PC Rescue which, thanks to the team’s focus on customer service, grew into a national support business and lead to his embarking on a consulting, writing and broadcasting career.


Paul is a regular commentator on business change and technology with ABC Radio, Sky News and Channel Seven Mornings. Some of the areas Paul has covered include 3D printing, social media, wearable technologies and the internet of machines.


As a writer, Paul regularly contributes to Business Spectator, Smart Company and other sites with his blog, Decoding The New Economy, being regularly nominated as one of Australia’s top business blogs.

Paul has written seven books including eBusiness; Seven Steps To Online Success that explains how enterprises of all sizes can use online tools to grow their markets along with the Australian Dummies guides for PCs, Internet and Laptops. He’s also collaborated on a number of other book projects.


Among Paul’s clients have been Google, Pay Pal, Microsoft, Xero, the Australian Data Marketing Association and Readers’ Digest.

Paul also worked with the New South Wales state government building Sydney’s profile as a global centre in the digital economy. This work resulted in the Digital Sydney strategy with $2 million of initial government seed funding and gave Paul a close insight into how governments can engage with digital businesses and communities.

With experience in media, government, customer service and business Paul brings a wide and unique perspective and experience to his practical advice on how to benefit and profit in today’s rapidly changing society

Contact Paul today to see how he can help your organisation to decode the new economy.

“Paul is an excellent communicator between clients, contractors and government and has wide experience in media, startups, government, business and enterprise. Most importantly he is an innovator and really knows the IT &T business sector locally and globally.

Paul William-Smith|Regional
Economic Development Coordinator
Warringah & Pittwater Councils

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