Aug 102009

This Thursday, August 13 from 10pm Tony Delroy and I will have a look at whats on offer for computer buyers.

We’ll be looking at the best deals, whether it’s worth waiting for Windows 7, the pros and cons of netbooks and how to get the most from cashback schemes.

If you’d like to listen, tune in your local ABC station or listen online at the Nightlife website.

We love listeners comments, questions and opinions so call in on 1300 800 222 and have your say.

  2 Responses to “Nightlife computers, 13 August 2009”

  1. Hi Paul, I listened to your last show on the nightlife about optimizing vista, concerning the disabling of the windows search feature. I have checked the pc rescue site for the information, could you direct to where I can access this information please. I make a habit of catching your show which I have found to be very enlightening.

    • Hi Dale, you’re right about not being able to find because I didn’t have a chance to put it up. I’ll fix that today.

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