Dec 132010

Join Rod Quinn and Paul Wallbank for a look at what the Wikileaks Cablegate affair means to Internet users, including some serious questions for businesses moving onto the cloud.

The recording from the show in now online through the Nightlife website. It will be available until at least 22 December.

Aspects we discuss include;

  • How secure is our business information in a digital world?
  • Can we trust Internet providers to do the right thing
  • How reliable is cloud computing when Amazon can shut Wikileaks down?
  • Why writing unflattering things about your friends and business colleagues is rarely a good idea
  • Dealing with unethical telcos and Internet providers
  • Listeners’ questions
    As usual we had plenty of listeners calls, these included the following who we said we’d get back to;

  • iTunes not recognising an iPod
  • Removing Installshield
  • The Paypal “horse float” scam
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