Jun 012011
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Our digital future

In the last week the Federal government announced their National Digital Economy Strategy while at the Sydney Opera House the Digital Sydney project was launched. In New York the city has appointed a digital commissioner and London has launched their Tech City community.

Clearly our governments think the future is digital. But what does that mean and are their plans achievable? Join Paul Wallbank and Tony Delroy to examine how our society, economy and businesses are changing in the digital era.

The program details

The podcast of the program is available for a limited time at the Tony Delroy’s Nightlife homepage.

Aspects we discussed included;

  • Why are our governments suddenly talking digital?
  • What are the digital industries?
  • How are they changing the way we live?
  • In what ways are existing industries coping with these changes?
  • What are the barriers to setting up new industries?
  • How do we create regional business hubs?
  • How important is broadband in these developments
  • What tools can we use to start new online business?

Listeners’ Questions

YouTube not playing

Rod asked about his computer not playing YouTube clips. This is usually due to problems with the Adobe Flash software on the computer.

To fix it, first uninstall all the versions of Adobe Flash on the computer. Then run a computer cleanup on the system. Finally reboot your computer then reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

Multiple business accounts on one computer

Running a number of businesses from one office can raise some difficulties, Jane called to ask if she can have different email accounts that have each businesses customised address block.

The answer is “yes” if you’re running Microsoft Outlook, you can setup separate accounts that automatically add the correct business information. Microsoft explain how on their web site. This feature has been around for some time although instructions vary between the different software versions.

Choosing the right Internet plans

Two of our callers, Shirley and Margaret, called about the limits and costs of their Internet connections. This is understandable as both prepaid wireless and satellite Internet plans can be very expensive.

Where possible it’s best to go to fixed plan with shaped excess usage, where rather than being charged when you go over the monthly data limit your connection is slowed.

It does take some research to find the right service and we recommend Whirlpool’s Broadband Choice website to find the plan that suits your needs.

Software and websites referred to in the program

Ccleaner: Free computer clean up tool (remember to back up your data first)
Adobe Flash Player
Microsoft Outlook email signature setup

Whirlpool Broadband Choice

Next program

The next Nightlife program should be at 10pm on July 14. The topic we’ll discuss will be posted on the events web page and in our weekly newsletter. Subscribe to get all the details of upcoming radio segments and workshops.

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