Mar 092012
The law applies online to social media and other web services

Australian entrepreneur Ric Richardson has finally won his patent dispute with Microsoft over the use of software protection software.

In a post on his personal blog, Ric declared “it’s over!” and said;

“It’s kind of like having your career anchored on a test you did when you were a kid and someone questioning your score decades after the fact… all you can do is stick to your position and hope the truth rings true.”

After winning a three hundred million dollar award against Microsoft, then an appeal striking down the size of the damages it’s been a hell of journey for Ric and Uniloc.

The silly thing is for Microsoft they largely abandoned this method of validating software after 2003, so they could have settled this a lot earlier. Or just paid the license fees in the first case.

You also can’t avoid the irony of Microsoft being successfully sued over a product design to protect intellectual property.

It’s always good to see the entrepreneur and inventor get up in a world that often seems tilted in favour of the corporations.

Now we can look forward to seeing a lot more innovations out of Ric’s caravan, that flat tyre detector looks really useful.

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