Mar 212012
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Paul Wallbank joins Tony Delroy to discuss technology, change and the online world on Thursday, March 22 from 10pm on ABC Local Radio.

A podcast of the program can be downloaded from the ABC Nightlife page.

Do you know who Kony is?  You probably know at least something about this Ugandan warlord thanks to a video about him that recently ‘went viral’.

Tony and Paul will look at how and why videos go viral on the net – how does it start, and why do some capture the world’s attention when most don’t?

Some of the questions we’ll look at include;

  • What is “going viral”?
  • How do videos go viral on the Internet?
  • Are these viral videos just marketing stunts?
  • Is it just videos that go viral on the internet?
  • Who sends these around the web?
  • How is the Stop Kony campaign different?
  • Is there a downside to going viral?

An excellent presentation on what makes a video go viral on the internet from YouTube’s Kevin Allocca describes some of the factors involved.

We’ll also be covering a number of other topics including;

On the topic of Online Scams, reader James Voster recommends the Victorian government’s Consumer Affairs Page.

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