May 142012

Some great links over the weekend ranging from the future of media and big box stores to a great, quirky clip promoting Scandanavia as a place to do business.

22 Michaels on an amazing presentation on why you should do business in Stockholm. It’s a shame more government agencies can’t do shows like this.

MIT’s Center for Civic Media writes up a discussion by the boss of Google News. I give this more of a write up in Grappling with Online Media.

Scamworld. Not only is The Verge’s expose of the online get rich quick community a great read, it’s also shows one of the future media models.

Business Insider has the real story why the tale of LinkedIn buying employment site Monster was made up. This is great example of how merchant banks try to create a market for flogging client assets. The managers of Football players do exactly the same thing.

Is there money in Big Data? MIT’s Technology Review doesn’t seem to think so.

Ending the era of the megastore. The Fiscal Times on how Wal-Mart is re-inventing itself.

Tomorrow’s blog looks at phishing scams and how social media is helping the more targeted “spear phishing”.

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