Jul 202012

The web is too efficient at information distribution, which is the problem for newspapers whose business model was built out of the difficulty the working man and woman had in finding out what was happening in the world around them.

In today’s society, there’s no excuse for not knowing what is going on. If you only choose to keep up to date with what the Kardashians are wearing, the weight of Olympic swimmers or who won last night’s reality TV extravaganza then you only have yourself to blame.

The web’s efficiency means there’s no shortage of ‘stuff’ pouring into our lives – music writer Bob Lefetz puts it well when he says “Kids don’t have a short attention span, anybody who says that is completely ignorant. They’ve got an incredible shit detector”.

Distribution is not the challenge, that bit is insanely easy. It’s delivering quality and getting the message about our products heard above the Internet’s constant buzz.

As consumers, and more importantly as citizens, it’s up to us to filter that noise and not accept dross any more.

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