Oct 182012
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If you missed this program where we covered a wide range of subjects, you can listen to the ABC Nightlife podcast of the show.

Paul Wallbank joins Tony Delroy to discuss how technology affects your business and life.

This week we’re talking about how the agricultural industry are using smartphone apps and the web. A list of apps for farmers is available from the NSW Department of Primary Industry website.

We’ll also be looking at how machines are talking – in agriculture, the next generation of farm equipment will be sending data straight to the farmers’ tablet or laptop computer using the technologies we’re seeing in jet engines and other high tech equipment.

Connecting everything does come with risks. A US report found that networked medical equipment is rife with malware and the Defense Signals Directorate points out that out-of-date computer systems are one of the main causes of data breaches.

One of the things driving the apps world is cloud computing and Google have given a rare glimpse into the data centres that run their services.

Social media is one of the things that are driving cloud computing, but there’s traps for businesses in posting information about customers and staff. We’ll be looking at those as well.

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  2 Responses to “ABC Nightlife: Apps down the farm”

  1. It is about time the technorati realised that agriculture is one of the largest users of sophisticated technology – sure a few apps here and there but then you get into precision agriculture – GPS, robotic control,RFID animal tags for improved management, use of drones [ already being used in some places as part of precision agriculture to adjust spraying and fertilisers], plus heaps of plc controllers in equipment, grain drying etc etc. Need to dismiss old ideas of straw chewing hillbillies.

    • Hi Peter, I have no idea where you get the idea that the “technorati” are claiming agriculture is full of “straw chewing hillbillies”.

      Have a listen to the show and you’ll hear we discuss robotics, GPS, drones and PLC controllers. Just for the record I’ve been involved in businesses using RFID management tags and remote farm management.

      One of the things you need to be careful of is falling into the same trap of making assumptions based on stereotypes.

      Thanks for the comment.

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