Dec 282012
2UE tech advice with Trevor Long talking about technology computers and the internet

This Saturday from 3.10 pm Seamus Byrne and myself will be standing in for regular guest Trevor Long to discuss tech with John Cadogan on Radio 2UE.

We’ll be taking calls on the Open Line, 13 13 32 or tweet to @paulwallbank while we’re on air.

Some of the things we’ll be covering include the following.

What type of smart phone?

We have the iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Which ones are better?

  • The iPhone’s been dominating for the last few years, but now  Android is overtaking it. Why’s that?
  • Microsoft are pretty late with a mobile phone, can they catch up?
  • What’s happened to the other makes like Nokia, Blackberry and Motorola?
  • So what if you don’t want a smartphone, what if you just want something to make phone calls?

Checking your phone and Internet plans

There’s was story this week about how people are spending too much on their mobile phone and Internet plans. What should people be looking at and how often should they check their plans?

Paying for stuff with your mobile

You can use your phone as a boarding pass on some airlines, now Telstra and Vodafone are looking at ways to use your mobile to pay for groceries with your mobile phone.

  • How does the system work?
  • Who takes the money?
  • Is this safe?
  • How far is this away?

Your views, comments or questions are welcome so don’t be shy about calling in.

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