Nov 132013
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Paul Wallbank joins Tony Delroy to discuss how technology affects your business and life. For the November 2013 Nightlife spot we’ll be looking at the internet of everything.

If you missed the show, you can listen to the recording at the Nightlife website.

The internet of everything is the next big thing in the tech industry, but what how is it any different from the web we know today that’s given us cute pictures of cats, Twitter and the end of newspapers? Some of the questions we’ll cover include;

  • what exactly is the internet of things?
  • how is it different from today’s internet?
  • is this just another tech industry slogan like big data or social media?
  • things like aircraft have been connected to the net for years, why is this suddenly news?
  • what sort of machines are we talking about connecting?
  • some industry pundits are saying this business could be worth $14 trillion dollars, where do they get this number from?
  • how are governments looking at using these technologies?
  • During the week it was reported Google have patented a tattoo with an embedded microphone.
  • so what happens when viruses get into our wearable technologies and connected fridge?

Part of the show will cover the geek’s tour of Barcelona and the interview with Antoni Vires, Deputy Mayor of the city on how the Spanish industrial centre sees it’s role as a connected city.

We’d love to hear your views so join the conversation with your on-air questions, ideas or comments; phone in on the night on 1300 800 222 within Australia or +61 2 8333 1000 from outside Australia.

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  1. Hallo, Paul. Is there any chance you could please place the podcast of this program (the one on “The Internet of Things” on Thursday, 14 November) on your site? That’s because the link for it on the A.B.C. web site is dysfunctional, and I know from sad past experience that it is unlikely to be corrected before it expires altogether. That goes for both the podcast link and the “listen again” link for each hourly segment. Indeed, in general it is a lottery whether any of the “listen again” links will work properly or not. Thanks – regards, Michael.

  2. Not sure if my second post got through or not – I can’t see it so far; but, in case it didn’t, the link has now been fixed – so please ignore my request above. Regards, Michael.

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