May 092012
radio discussion on technology, social media and cloud computing

Paul Wallbank joins Linda Mottram on ABC 702 mornings to discuss how technology affects your business and life.

This week we’re talking cloud computing from 10.40am this Wednesday May 9 on ABC 702 Sydney. A lot of this topic has been covered in my posts on The Connected Business.

During the show we’ll be covering the following topics on cloud computing.

  • What is this? How does this – or how is it meant to – work?
  • What can you put there? Anything?
  • What use is it suited for?  And NOT suited for?
  • Is it meant to be archival storage?  or is it meant to be something more dynamic?
  • Can anybody access it?  Is there substantial technical limitation?
  • Is it secure, safe?  If yes, why do many people seem to be making lots of scary noises?
  • Does it work better for:
    •   individuals?
    •    small business?
    •    large business?

We’d love to hear your views so join the conversation with your on-air questions, ideas or comments; phone in on 1300 222 702 or post a question on ABC702 Sydney’s Facebook page.

If you’re a social media users, you can also follow the show through twitter to @paulwallbank and @702Sydney.

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