Sep 132012
the new iphone 5 continues to disrupt markets

The interesting thing with Apple’s announcement of  the new iPhone and iPod was the emphasis on gaming with two demonstrations showing off the capabilities of the new devices.

While the iPod and iPhone can’t compete with gaming consoles in a straight out hardware comparison, customers like the idea of being able to play advanced games on their handheld devices.

More worryingly for the console manufacturers is the pricing in the App stores. The traditional gaming model of expensive games subsidising devices starts to fall over when 99 cent, or even $19.99 downloads kill the fat margins.

It’s not just games companies threatened by the iPhone and Android smartphones, probably the biggest threat from today’s launch is to Microsoft.

Last week’s botched Lumia 920 launch throws into stark relief how Windows Phone is struggling to meet its October release date.

The pressure is now right on Microsoft to deliver, the continued evolution of the iPhone is also leaving Blackberry and Motorola increasingly looking flat footed and vulnerable in a market that’s leaving them behind.

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