Dec 232012
Trevor long technology program on radio 2UE

After standing in for Trevor Long on Radio 2UE’s afternoon weekends, there were a couple of callers with problems Seamus and I said we’d get back to.

These included issues with Hotmail, Android smartphones and a potential virus infection.

Internet Explorer home page hacked

Ron thought he might have a virus infection as Internet Explorer opens a junk page when he starts it.

The easiest way to check if a Windows computer is infected is the free Malware Bytes – just download and run it.

It’s also possible the computer hasn’t been infected but that settings have been messed with, Microsoft have details on how to change the opening pages on Internet Explorer.

Problems getting into Hotmail

Another Internet Explorer problem was from Peter who was finding Internet Explorer was freezing when he tries to get into Hotmail, or as it’s currently known.

The best solution for this is to clean out your Windows system using a tool like the free CCleaner and make sure both the computer has the latest security updates.

Strange message on Android smartphone

Sheena had a strange message on her smartphone saying “all sale”. This sounds like someone has changed the wallpaper settings for the phone and Google have the instructions for changing the background on Android phones.

The 2UE segment is a one-off while Trevor Long is away on holidays, if you’d like notice of upcoming programs, subscribe to this site’s newsfeed or put your questions to the IT Queries website.

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