Feb 132013
Ovations speaker agency for paul wallbank keynotes

I’m speaking at the Ovations Speaker Showcase next week on the Twenty Trends for 2020. A big ask for twenty minutes.

Despite the time limits, it’s doable. Here’s the list of trends I think are going to define the rest of this decade, along with some  related links.

  1. Accelerated rate of business
  2. China moving up the value chain
  3. Dealing with a society at retirement age
  4. Rising incomes in South Asia and Africa
  5. Robotics and Automation
  6. The internet of machines
  7. Reinventing entertainment
  8. The fall and rise of social media
  9. The continued rise of the DIY economy
  10. Newspapers cease to exist
  11. 3D printing
  12. nano-technology
  13. The new education revolution
  14. Reskilling the workforce
  15. Older workers re-entering the workforce
  16. The fight for control of the mobile payments system
  17. Mobile apps redefining service industries
  18. Taming the Big Data tsunami
  19. The fight for data rights
  20. Flatter organisations
  21. The great deleveraging

Apart from the fact there’s 21, the twenty minutes I have allocated isn’t going to be enough to cover these. So which topics do I skate over?

Of course there might be more topics that I’ve missed. I’m open to suggestions.

  One Response to “Twenty trends for 2020”

  1. A hat tip to A. B. and D. as scene setting, with C. and E. for the main meat of the topic about the critical field desperate for true innovation to meet the challenges ahead for people and F. drawing in D. from a different perspective to wrap up and point to the true areas of fascinating disruption and trend setting for human evolution! 😉

    A. Economic
    1. 2. 4. 21.

    B. Business
    7. 9. 16. 17. 20.

    C. People
    3. 13. 14. 15.

    D. Tech
    5. 11. 12.

    E. Our data
    10. 18. 19.

    F. Network

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