Aug 112011
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Our retailers, the media and many other industries are struggling as a new generation of entrepreneurs are springing up from home and changing the way we shop, work and socialise.

Whether you’re looking at starting your own business or looking to grow an existing business, you need to understand how these free or cheap online social media, local search and cloud computing services can help you.

Join Paul Wallbank and Tony Delroy on ABC Nightlife to discuss how our work and business is changing and how you can use these powerful online social media, local search and cloud computing tools.

Aspects we’ll discuss include;

    • How can someone take on the big boys from their spare room?
    • What sort of costs are involved?
    • How difficult is it to setup an online business?
    • Are juggling home and business demands likely to cause problems?
    • What are the challenges of keeping the kids off your home systems?
    • How do you stop hackers and security risks?
    • How can existing businesses adapt to this new world?

If you’d like to add to the list or join the conversation with your on-air questions or comments are welcome, phone in on 1300 800 222 within Australia or +61 2 8333 1000 from outside Australia.

Tune in on your local ABC radio station or listen online at

You can SMS Nightlife’s talkback on 19922702, twitter @paulwallbank using the #abcnightlife hashtag or visit the Nightlife Facebook page.

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  1. This is James Chan in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Thomas Hine and I invented the phrase “spare room tycoon” as we used it in our book, Spare Room Tycoon, Succeeding Independently, The 70 Lessons of Sane Self-Employment published in 2000 by Nicholas Brealey Publishing of London, UK. It is good to see the phrase used. I’d be glad to take questions from the “spare room tycoons” of the world. By the way, 2016 is my 33rd anniversary of being the owner of an independent practice, namely, “Asia Marketing and Management” that focuses on export marketing.

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