May 202012
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On ABC 702 Sydney Weekend computers this Sunday, May 19 from 10.15am Paul Wallbank and Angela Catterns will be looking at wearable tech.

Nokia recently filed a patent for vibrating cloth patches or tattoos that will be able to communicate with your phone. Every time you receive a text message, your tramp stamp will wobble.

The idea of vibrating tattoos is pretty simple compared to some of the advances we’re seeing in nanotechnology and miniaturising computers.

We’re already used to the “bionic ears” such as those made by Cochlear and scientists are now developing computers that can be implanted in patients’ eyes to monitor conditions like glaucoma.

Listeners questions

As usual we had a range of listeners calling in about computer issues. Here’s some of those we said we’d get back to;

Safari tool bars

Margaret called about websites being listed across the top of her Safari browser.

To get rid of these, click View in Safari and then take the tick off Hide Bookmarks Bar.

As a later caller suggested, it’s worthwhile making sure websites aren’t starting with the browser, you can fix that in Safari by clicking Safari, Preferences, General and making sure a new window  is selected for what to do when the browser is opened.

More Safari Blues

Jarrod also reported problems with Safari, being unable to open pages from his telco. This is probably due to Javascript being disabled.

To fix this, in the Safari preferences we describe above, click on security and tick the box saying enable javascript.

Anti virus programs

We always have a caller asking about antivirus, Steve asked about antivirus on Windows Vista.

For most windows users, the free Microsoft Security Essentials is probably the best, and simplest, solution.

We love to hear from listeners about how tech is changing their lives so feel free call in with your questions or comments on 1300 222 702 or text on 19922702.

If you’re on Twitter you can tweet 702 Sydney on @702sydney and Paul at @paulwallbank.

Should you not be in the Sydney area, you can stream the broadcast through the 702 Sydney website and call in anyway.

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