Oct 072012
apple give no 2 o'clock option

Should a Sydneysider or Melbournite wanted to set their iPhone alarm to 2am or 2pm today they were plain out of luck.

It appears iOS6 no longer likes 2am or 2pm if your location is set to the parts of Australia that switched to summer daylight savings this morning.

iOS6 loses 2am in Eastern Australia going to daylight savings time


While it’s understandable you can’t set your clock to 2am Sydney, Melbourne or Hobart time as the clocks jumped an hour you also can’t set it to 2pm.

Although if you already have a timer set, it still appears as 2am, or 2.30am in the case of my phone.

It’s just a dumb bug and switching to Brisbane time, or any other part of the world that didn’t go over to Australian daylight savings time this morning, fixes the problem.

Had I known about this yesterday I’d have turned on that 2.30am wake up call just to see what would happen. Then again, maybe not.

While it will undoubtedly fix itself tomorrow as the transition day passes, it’s pretty clumsy and embarrassing. Moreover it doesn’t bode well for Apple’s attention to detail in the post-jobs era.

UPDATE: As expected the bug has passed the following day — we have our 2 o’clock back although that such a silly bug could have slipped past Apple’s quality control is still a worry.

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